What to Look for in an Emergency Boiler Rental Company

Experiencing a sudden boiler breakdown can create a major disruption for the tenants or occupants of your commercial building. Restoring heat or hot water as quickly as possible is critical.

Whether you have a steam or hot water system, an emergency boiler rental can be the perfect solution, but the company you rent from matters. Look for a provider that offers prompt, safe, and reliable service and broad experience handling various boiler issues. This ensures that throughout your rental period, from delivery to return, the company can efficiently address any challenges.

Temporary boilers are utilized when a building’s boiler cannot operate due to a planned maintenance project or an unexpected shutdown. Depending on the situation, a temporary boiler may be required for an extended period of time, so identifying a rental company with a proven track record of reliability and excellent service is key to a positive rental experience.

For example, Mobile Boiler Systems (MBS) in NYC stands out by providing:

  • 24-7 round-the-clock response time
  • Code-compliant, dependable equipment
  • Transparent pricing
  • Trained technicians focused on safety

Looking for emergency boiler rentals?

Whether your needs are for a multi-family building, commercial property, or industrial facility, Mobile Boiler Systems is ready with the right solution. If you have a boiler emergency, you can rest assured that MBS has a temporary boiler ready when needed.

24/7 Response Time

Securing a temporary boiler for your commercial building requires multiple steps. This includes surveying the building to determine the required equipment and set-up, securing permits, delivery, connection, and start-up. Finding a company that can handle everything promptly and efficiently to minimize your boiler downtime and restore your heat and/or hot water as quickly as possible is important.

At MBS, we offer turn-key services and a dedicated staff handling the entire process in-house. Located in Queens, NY, we can deliver and connect a temporary boiler to locations throughout the NYC metro area in as little as 24-48 hours in most cases. Our priority is to ensure your rental boiler’s rapid installation and activation with the least possible interruption.

Code Compliant, Dependable Equipment

Mobile boilers must comply with all required NYC Department of Building (DOB) and Department of Air Resource (DAR) codes. By law, equipment that is not up to code can be shut down while in use if inspected by a DOB code enforcement agent or inspector. This can be a major inconvenience and the last thing you want to occur after going through the planning, effort, and expense to connect a mobile boiler to your building.

With MBS, this issue is never a concern. Each of our mobile boilers in every size is completely up-to-date and code-compliant. Renting one of our code-compliant temporary boilers ensures uninterrupted heating and/or hot water, eliminating the risk of downtime while in use.

Upfront & Honest Estimates Provided

All costs associated with renting a boiler should be presented upfront before any services begin. It should include a one-time set-up fee and an ongoing monthly rental fee.

At MBS, we provide a written proposal, ensuring you don’t get caught off-guard with hidden fees or other surprises later down the line, so you know your emergency boiler rental stays within your budget.

Transparent pricing and honest communication contribute to our customers’ overall level of satisfaction.

Trained Technicians Who Prioritize Safety

Having trained technicians who prioritize safety is paramount when renting a boiler for several critical reasons, the most important of which may be proper installation.

Our team of boiler technicians is trained and led by owners and licensed NYC master plumbers, ensuring our equipment is installed correctly and safely every time. We also take the time to thoroughly service and maintain our equipment after every rental. This extra step ensures our boilers are safe and trouble-free for our next rental client.

Ready to learn more about emergency boiler rental in NYC?

Mobile Boiler Systems is on standby, ready to serve all emergency boiler rental needs with decades of experience. No matter the building type, we’re ready to provide you with a dependable unit that meets your requirements and expectations.

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