Why Choose Mobile Boiler Systems?

Whether it is ensuring a steady flow of hot water for hospital patients, or providing heat to elementary school students and staff, Mobile Boiler Systems understands how important it is that your institution has a safe, reliable flow of hot water and building heat. We have state-of-the-art temporary boilers ready to go, whether you are planning maintenance to your existing boiler or have a boiler emergency that you need immediate help with.

Our staff is available to help you with all your temporary boiler needs, from establishing what type of boiler (or boilers) you may need to providing you with onsite support as necessary. Our goal is to ensure you have as little downtime as possible, and are able to resume the day-to-day functions of your institution with fast, reliable temporary boiler service.

How Much Do Mobile Boiler Rentals Cost for Institutional Facilities?

If you manage an institutional facility in New York City and are planning to take your existing boiler down for an extended period of time, a mobile boiler is an excellent option to keep the heat on.

But how much do these mobile boilers cost, anyway? Generally speaking, mobile boilers have setup costs starting at around $10,000, with rental costs per month ranging anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000+.

  • One-time setup costs: This includes all costs associated with delivering the mobile boiler and hooking it up to your property. Depending on the location, setup costs range anywhere from $15k to $25k or more.
  • Rental costs: Mobile boilers have a varying capacity and pressure options that can affect the cost of the rental. The vast majority of per-month rental costs range around $6,000 to $10,000.

Fast, safe, reliable boiler rental services.

Boiler Rentals for Institutional Facilities: How It Works

1. Request a Free On-Site Estimate

Contact us here or call us at 718.381.2800 to schedule your free on-site estimate. If you require an emergency turnaround on a boiler rental, let us know. We’ll move quickly to ensure your facility is set up with a temporary boiler in the shortest amount of time possible.

2. Identify the Heating Needs of Your Facility

An MBS boiler installation specialist will meet with you to assess the needs of your institutional facility. This includes a complete on-site review of:

  • The size of your facility to determine boiler capacity and heat/hot water supply requirements.
  • The ideal location on your property to place and connect our temporary boiler to your facility.

3. Receive Pricing for Your Rental

Once this evaluation is performed, we’ll provide a boiler rental price that is determined by your required temporary boiler size and length of rental. If you choose to have MBS perform the installation and hook-up, the cost will be included in the boiler rental price.

4. Schedule Delivery & Installation

No waiting for availability with MBS. We have a well-stocked inventory of boiler rentals and can schedule delivery to your property when you need it. We secure all necessary permits, plus our boilers are designed for fast and easy installation so you can be up and running in no time.

5. Get 24/7 Service and Support

Our dedicated staff is on-call for you 24/7 throughout the entire duration of the rental.

Whether your boiler maintenance is planned or you are having an emergency, do not hesitate to call us today! We’re on hand for both standard and emergency temporary boiler needs, and have efficient, reliable boiler rentals available for institutional facilities large and small.

Safe and Reliable Mobile Boiler Rentals for Institutional Facilities