Fall Maintenance Musts to Take the Chill Off Winter Costs

Fall is a prime time for building maintenance. Between day-to-day operations and unexpected emergencies, on-the-ground building managers have their plates full. But savvy facility managers understand that having a fall checklist in place can be crucial to avoiding more serious issues when the hard months of winter hit.

Using a maintenance system with built-in capabilities for quarterly reminders and preplanned work orders can greatly improve the likelihood that onsite building staff won’t put off these crucial preventative measures—or overlook them altogether. Here are five fall maintenance areas that can help alleviate future problems and add up to big cost savings through increased energy efficiency.

Heating System Controls

Onsite building staff might only turn their attention to heating system controls when an issue is detected, but that’s a mistake. If your energy-tracking system shows that the building’s energy use is climbing, it should trigger an inspection. If heating controls are not calibrated correctly, the heating system will not run as efficiently as it could, which can lead to unnecessary energy use and utility costs. Taking that one step further, installing internet controlled communication packages, allows building management teams to monitor and adjust setting remotely. This could substantially cut your heating costs.

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