Get Your Boiler Ready for Winter With These Great Maintenance Tips

Boilers are an essential part of any building, no matter if it is full of offices or filled with families. While you are most likely aware of the importance of preventive maintenance when it comes to your boiler, it can be easy to overlook the fundamentals. Keep these boiler maintenance tips in mind to make sure that your boiler continues running its best for years to come.

Check Fuel & Wiring – even though it may sound obvious, your boiler should have the correct level of fuel at all times. Checking the integrity of the electrical wiring is just as important, since wear and tear on wires poses one of the greatest safety threats to both the unit and the entire building.

Water Pressure Level Inspections – all boilers have pressure controls & gauges, which should always be working well enough to read easily. Both high and low pressure reading can mean trouble. Make sure that all maintenance personnel check any areas where leaking occurs, which may mean that the boiler needs attention.

Warning Sign Issues – any warning signs should be dealt with as soon as possible. Any fumes, noises, soot emissions can be warning signs of a potentially more serious issue. Anything out of the ordinary with the boiler, should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent a much more serious issue from developing.

Inspect the Heating Control – an issue with the heat computer can mean that the boiler is not able to properly meet distribution demands, which can cause an increase in energy consumption. Proper calibration and checking the heat controller regularly can help to ensure efficient boiler function.

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